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Class Raising Hands


Mixed panel

1-Married people, what is your biggest challenge in helping or connecting singles?

2-Single people, how comfortable are you with married friends and families?

3-Married people, are you comfortable with single people at your table? Why or why not? Does gender matter?

4-There are singles who don’t like being around families. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

5-Singles, are you more comfortable with married people in your age group or doesn’t matter?

6-Does having kids/their ages affect the type of guests you would have?

7-How can divorcees with kids fit in best, what are some unique issues that divorced singles face?

8-What are you most comfortable and uncomfortable with around setting up these networks?

9-How can we expand further? 

10-What spots are we missing or potential issues that could come our way?

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